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Mandatory bulletin for AAD M2 cutters

Identification of affected m2 AAD cutters 
All cutters manufactured in 2014 and earlier, with the following identification markings, are included in this service bulletin:

A11, B11, C11,
A12, B12, C12, D12,
A13, B13, C13, D13, E13, F13, G13,
A14, B14, C14, D14, E14, F14, G14, H14, J14, K14, L14, M14, N14, O14,

Cutters are marked as shown in figures 2, 3, & 

The two digit number is the year of manufacture. The letter identifies the production batch. See Annex No. 1 for examples.
Cutters manufactured in 2015 & 2016, which are identified by the numbers x15, and x16 are NOT included in this service bulletin.


The cutter cable insulation has cracked on some MarS m2 AAD cutters as shown in Fig. 1. Investigation by the manufacturer has shown that this is caused by the method used to close and seal the cutter body. The cracking only affects the insulation, and the function of the device is unaffected. However, as a precaution, all cutters that are affected by this bulletin must be replaced. 

Service Bulletin Procedure:

a. If a problem exists with the cutter this will be detected by the control unit and displayed as an error No.2. In this case, the cutter must be replaced immediately.
b. If no error is detected, then the AAD may remain in use until the next repack cycle. During the next regular repack the cutter must be inspected and replaced if it is affected by this bulletin.
c. The rigger shall make an entry on the packing data card stating that the installed cutter is not affected by the bulletin.
d. A replacement cutter may be obtained directly from MarS, or from an m2 distributor. The affected cutter should be sent to the manufacturer, or to an m2 distributor.
e. The cost of the replacement cutter and of shipping the replacement cutter to the user will be covered by the manufacturer.
8. Compliance Date:
Mandatory before the next jump.

Link to MARS bulletin (you can see screens below)

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