wtorek, 14 stycznia 2014

Pro BASE & First Jump Course

Pro BASE Course 

(pre First Jump Course preparation on commercial drop zone) 
Price 650 Euro 

Pro BASE course includes: 

  • introduction to BASE rig 
  • construction details training of packing BASE canopy (at first configured with skydiving rig then with BASE rig) 
  • 10 hop'n'pop jumps from 5500ft (1500m) with BASE canopy attached to skydiving rig (that includes knowing fly characteristics of your canopy, accuracy landing, off-landing training, procedures for off-direction opening) (jump tickets not included),
  • training for safe exit one filmed jump to check correct position on exit and opening (includes instructor's jump ticket ) 
  • rig rental (unpacked) for each jump

Rig rental (unpacked) for more jumps: 20 Euro 


for residents of Atmosfera guest house is priced according to current price list. 

First Jump Course 

(after completed Pro BASE) 
(preparation for 3 BASE jumps from 87 meters bridge) 
Price 250 

Euro FJC includes: 

  • 3 rig rentals, 
  • supervised packing of rig, 
  • assisted first jump. 

After FJC rig rental (unpacked) - 20 Euro. 

Transportation Shared cost for number of participants. Bridge 87m high is located approx. 220 km drive from Atmosfera guest house. Second option is a 105m bridge in Portugal. Cost would be shared based upon one way 7 hours drive and preferably one night accommodation in Portugal allowing more jumps from this bridge.

If you are interested in that course, think twice...then you can book it on www.skydiveatmosfera.com
You can join us anytime, we are jumping in sunny Spain for whole year

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